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Income tax Dates

  • MAR 31
    Final date for ratio option provisional tax applications.
  • APR 7
    End-of-year income tax and Working for Families bills are due if you have an extension of time to file your income tax return.
  • MAY 7
    Provisional tax payments are due if you have a March balance date and use the standard, estimation or ratio options.

You can work out the business use of your vehicle by keeping a logbook for at least 90 consecutive days.

Keep a logbook

Keep a logbook for at least 90 days that records:

  • the start date and the vehicle's odometer reading on that day
  • the date, distance and reason for each business journey
  • the end date of the 90-day period, and the vehicle's odometer reading on that day
  • any other information we may require.

Calculate the proportion of business use

Add up the distance that was travelled for business and work out what proportion this is of the total distance the vehicle travelled.

Allocate the correct proportion of vehicle costs to your business

Allocate this proportion of all your vehicle costs to your business. This includes things like buying petrol, getting a Warrant of Fitness, paying for maintenance and repairs, insurance and parking.

Your calculation can be used for up to 3 years if the proportion of business use doesn’t change by more than 20%.

After 3 years you will need to keep a logbook for another 90 days.