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COVID-19 - Level 4 Inland Revenue will continue to provide services throughout the COVID-19 response, including paying Working for Families. Please use our online services as phone contact is severely limited. Find out more >

Income tax Dates

  • MAR 31
    Final date for ratio option provisional tax applications.
  • APR 7
    End-of-year income tax and Working for Families bills are due if you have an extension of time to file your income tax return.
  • MAY 7
    Provisional tax payments are due if you have a March balance date and use the standard, estimation or ratio options.

Work out your tax rate

You can:

  • use the standard schedular payment tax rate by following the flow chart in the form
  • apply for a tailored tax rate, or
  • choose your own rate. 

If you choose your own rate it must be at least 10%. If you are a non-resident on a temporary work or entry visa it must be at least 15%.

You can use our tax rate estimation tool to help work out your own tax rate for schedular payments. 

10 MIN
Tax rate estimation tool for contractors

Go to this tool

Fill in the form

Download the Tax rate notification IR330C form. Or you can get one from the person who is paying you. 

You will need your IRD number.

Hand your form in

Give the completed form to the person who pays you. 

My responsibilities

You need to tell the person who pays you if your tax code changes.