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Starting employees in KiwiSaver

Different ways employers use to start their employees into KiwiSaver
Each time a new employee starts work

Automatically enrolling and opting in differences

Most of the time you automatically enrol new eligible employees into KiwiSaver. But some employees do not have to be automatically enrolled into KiwiSaver when they start. These employees ask to be in KiwiSaver. Making a choice to join is called ‘opting in’.

There's a difference between an employee who opts in and one who automatically enrols - your automatically enrolled employee can choose to leave KiwiSaver. It’s called ‘opting out’.

Employees who opt into KiwiSaver cannot choose to opt out later.

Automatic enrolments into KiwiSaver

New employees aged over 18 and under 65 who are not already KiwiSaver members must be automatically enrolled by you.

Enrol employees into KiwiSaver

Employees who opt into KiwiSaver

There are some employees who you do not have to be automatically enrol into KiwiSaver. If they’re eligible, they choose to opt in. These are:

  • existing employees
  • new employees you cannot automatically enrol because of the type of employee they are, such as casual or temporary employees.

Employees who choose to opt into KiwiSaver

New employees already in KiwiSaver

If your new employee is already a KiwiSaver member, ask them to fill in a KiwiSaver deduction form - KS2.

Your employee uses the KS2 to tell you:

  • the rate they want you to make KiwiSaver deductions from their pay
  • they’re on a savings suspension - you’ll need to see their suspension notice before you can stop their KiwiSaver deductions.
Suspending KiwiSaver deductions and contributions 

Employees who do not tell you their age

Employees might not give you their date of birth. Some may also give you wrong information. This makes it hard to know if they’re eligible for KiwiSaver contributions or if you need to automatically enrol them. 

In either case, automatically enrol your new employee. We do not penalise you. If their enrolment is a mistake, they can opt out later.

KiwiSaver deductions from employee pay

Employer contributions to KiwiSaver and complying funds

Calculate KiwiSaver deductions and contributions