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  Getting my KiwiSaver funds for serious illness

Applying for serious illness withdrawal and stopping KiwiSaver contributions.
Those suffering from serious illness that is affecting them financially.

You may be able to withdraw your KiwiSaver funds early if you have an illness, disability or injury that:

  • permanently affects your ability to work
  • you could die from.

If your application to withdraw is approved, you can withdraw all of your funds. This includes:

  • your contributions
  • your employer's contribution
  • the $1,000 kickstart (if you got it)
  • the government contributions
  • fee subsidies (if you got these)
  • interest you have earned.

Applying for serious illness withdrawal

If you receive salary or wages, you can apply for a serious illness withdrawal from your KiwiSaver account by:

  • applying to us, if you're within the first 3 months of membership
  • contacting your KiwiSaver provider if you've been a member longer than 3 months.

If you do not receive salary and wages, contact your KiwiSaver provider.

You will need to provide medical evidence to support your application.

Stopping KiwiSaver contributions

If you want to stop any further contributions being made from your salary or wages, you must apply for a savings suspension.

You can apply for a savings suspension within the first 12 months if you’re experiencing, or likely to experience, financial hardship.