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Joining KiwiSaver as an employee


When you start a new job, your employer will automatically enrol you in KiwiSaver if:

  • your job is full time or permanent part-time
  • you have a contract of at least 28 days
  • you’re a casual agricultural worker for more than 3 months.

If you do not get automatically enrolled, you can ask your employer to join, or you can join directly with a Kiwisaver provider.

Your employer will give you a Kiwisaver information pack KS3.

You can choose the rate for your KiwiSaver deductions. They can be either 3%, 4%, 6%, 8%, or 10%. If you don’t choose a rate your employer will deduct 3%. Deductions begin from your first pay. Your employer will also make compulsory contributions.

You have 8 weeks to decide if you want to be in KiwiSaver or not. If you decide KiwiSaver is not for you right now, you can opt out.

When we get your deduction details from your employer, we’ll put you into either:

  • one of the 9 default KiwiSaver providers
  • your employer’s chosen scheme if they have one.

You can choose to change the scheme you belong to at any time. Just contact your preferred scheme provider and they'll arrange for you to transfer in to their scheme.

After 3 months, we’ll pay contributions to your scheme provider with interest.

Choosing a KiwiSaver provider

Opting out of KiwiSaver

When you will not be automatically enrolled

You will not be automatically enrolled in KiwiSaver if:

  • your employer has been taken over or amalgamated
  • you’re moving to a new job or location with the same employer
  • you’re receiving a schedular payment rather than salary or wages.

If you are an existing employee

Ask your employer for a Kiwisaver information pack KS3 and complete the KiwiSaver deduction KS2 form. Give it to your employer and they will start deducting KiwiSaver from your next pay. You can also join directly with a provider.

If you have more than one employer

If you have more than 1 employer, you can tell your provider which one to deduct contributions from. Or you can leave it to us and we’ll tell your main employer to start making contributions.