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Anyone who wants to pay us online.
Your payment due date.

Internet banking payments

You can pay using your bank’s website or app for internet banking.

When you make direct credit payments, we recommend using the pay tax function provided by most New Zealand banks. (There is no fee for this service.)

Use the following details when making a direct credit payment to us.

Detail What to include 
Particulars Your IRD number. If you have an 8-digit IRD number put a 0 at the beginning
Payee code Account and (space) period. For example INC 31032016
Reference Leave blank

Use the same details when you make a direct debit payment.

You do not need to put the period in the payee code if you’re making a payment for:

  • ARR - arrangements
  • KSS - KiwiSaver voluntary contributions
  • LGL - legal decisions
  • NCP - child support liable parents
  • RUL - rulings and determinations.

Our bank account

If you need it, our bank account number is:
Inland Revenue Department 

Credit and debit card payments

Credit and debit card payments can be made by card and in myIR.

Pay using a credit or debit card

Pay in myIR

The bank charges a convenience fee of 1.42% for any credit or debit card payment made to us. Exceptions are made for student loans and child support payments made from overseas. Convenience fees are charged and paid directly to the bank.

Direct debit payments

If you file returns in myIR, you can do any of the following:

  • authorise any one-off direct debit payments you owe for that return period
  • save direct debit details with us
  • confirm your authorisation every time you have a new amount to pay.

You can also schedule direct debits. Once this is set up, we do not need you to do anything else.

You will not get the direct debit payment option if you have enough credit already in your account to cover a bill from a return.

Automatic payments

You can pay off outstanding tax by making payments for a regular amount for a fixed frequency.

You can set this up using:

  • your bank’s online services
  • an automatic payment authority form to give to your bank.