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You need to deduct tax from contractors who receive schedular payments.

The contractor needs to give you a completed Tax rate notification for contractors - IR330C. If the contractor does not give you an IR330C you need to deduct tax at either:

  • the 45% non-notified rate
  • 20% if the contractor is a non-resident company.

You will then need to pay these deductions to us.

If we notice the contractor is using the wrong tax code we'll write to you. This letter will tell you what their tax code should be. You'll need to start using the correct code and deduct tax based on that code.

Tailored tax rates

Some contractors can apply for a tailored tax rate. When it's about to expire, we will contact your employee through myIR in time for them to reapply. If they get a new tailored tax rate certificate they will need to give this to you.

If the contractor does not continue to use a tailored tax rate they need to either:

  • complete a new Tax rate notification for contractors - IR330C
  • use the tax code given on the last IR330C they gave you.

Certificate of exemption for schedular payments

You do not need to deduct tax from schedular payments for a contractor who has a certificate of exemption.