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If you are in New Zealand for a short time as a recognised seasonal employer (RSE) worker in the fruit, vegetable or wine industries you need to pay tax on the money you earn.

Your employer will take the tax out of your wages before they pay you.

What is an RSE worker?

Some employers hire people from overseas for seasonal work when there are not enough New Zealand workers. The employers are called recognised seasonal employers (RSEs).

The people they hire are called RSE workers.

RSE workers plant, maintain, pick and pack crops in the fruit, vegetable and wine industries.

What you need to do

Get an IRD number

Your IRD (tax) number keeps track of the tax you pay and helps make sure you pay the right amount.

You can apply for an IRD number when you apply for your work visa. When you arrive in New Zealand ask your employer what your IRD number is.

Keep your IRD number when you go back home. You will need it if work in New Zealand again.

Fill in a tax code form

Your employer will give you a Tax code declaration form IR330 to fill out.

Use the tax code NSW.

Pay tax

Every time you get paid your employer will take tax from your wages before they pay you.

You do not have to do a tax return before you go back home. You can do one if you think you have paid too much tax. Talk to your employer about this.