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He kaiwhiwhi ahau e neke ana ki wāhi kē I am a recipient moving to another country


I am a recipient moving to Australia

If you applied for child support in New Zealand and are moving to Australia you will need to contact the Australian Department of Human Services to make an assessment.

You will have to let us know you are leaving so we can cancel payments and you can start receiving entitlements in Australia.


Call us <0800 221 221>

Call DHS from New Zealand <0800 440 953>

Use these numbers if you have already moved

Call our international number <1800 504 042>

DHS <Contact DHS 131 272>

I am a recipient moving overseas

If you are leaving New Zealand you need to let us know so we can continue administering your child support. You will need to give us a New Zealand bank account to receive monthly payments. If you do not have a New Zealand bank account we will send you a cheque when the amount is more than $300, or after six months.

It is important to give us your income details otherwise we will have to estimate your income. Send your most recent tax return or evidence of income to make sure you get the right amount.

<Call us international +64 9 984 2537>

<Email us international>