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Contact us if you do not agree with any of you student loan details, such as:

  • your student loan balance
  • your repayment obligations
  • your current student loan status
  • special deduction rates
  • repayment deduction exemptions
  • significant over-deductions
  • interest or late-payment interest
  • financial hardship relief
  • repayment holidays.

If we cannot fix the problem you may need to raise a dispute or complaint.

It can take 5 working days for payments to be processed so these may not show up immediately in your student loan account.

It's important to stay in touch with us. Let us know if:

  • your contact details have changed (such as your postal address, email address or phone number
  • you are leaving New Zealand, or coming back
  • your income or employment details change
  • you're having trouble repaying your loan.

If you have any questions about StudyLink transactions you will have to contact them directly.



  • Calling Inland Revenue from New Zealand: 0800 600 012
  • Calling Inland Revenue from Australia: 1800 559 653
  • Calling Inland Revenue from the UK: 0808 234 0098
  • Calling Inland Revenue from the rest of the world: +64 4 916 7114

Send us a secure email in myIR

Email for people who are living or working overseas: