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Living in Niue, Cook Islands, Tokelau or Ross Dependency when I have a student loan


If you have been living in Niue, Cook Islands, Tokelau, or Ross Dependency for at least six months you may be able to keep your student loan interest free. To apply, you need to have met your repayment obligations on time.

There are two ways to apply for this. You can provide a letter from Customs in Niue, Cook Islands, Tokelau, or Ross Dependency to show all your travel over the period you're applying for.

Alternatively, you can send us a letter from an employer that states:

  • you are/were their employee
  • the date you started your employment
  • the date you ended your employment (if applicable)
  • any dates you may have been away from work
  • your gross income (annually if applicable), and
  • your employer’s contact details.

If we approve your application you will need to tell us your worldwide income – you may still need to make repayments while you are overseas. You also have to keep meeting your loan repayment obligations. If you are applying for previous years, you will also need to give us your worldwide income for those tax years.

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