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Te tono i tētahi tau tāke mō tētahi pakihi takirua ō whenua kē kāore i manatōpūtia, tētahi hinonga tautokorua, tētahi kamupene hanganga taunaha tāpui Apply for an IRD number for an offshore non-incorporated partnership, joint venture or look-through company


Determine if your business or organisation is offshore

Before you can apply you need to make sure you meet the definition of offshore.

Gather your information

You need:

  • a certificate of registration or agreement
  • a passport photo and proof of residential address for at least one partner or owner
  • evidence of a fully functional bank account or customer due diligence.

All partners or owners must have their own IRD number. If they do not have one they will need to apply for one.

What happens next

  • We will contact you if we need more information about your registration.
  • We will email or post your IRD number to you. It can take 20 working days to arrive if you choose to have it posted.

My responsibilities

  • Keep your IRD number where you can easily find it.
  • Set up a myIR account for your business or organisation when you have your IRD number.
  • Tell us about any changes. The easiest way to update your details is in myIR.