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Te tātai i aku moni whiwhi pūtea haumi o tāwāhi Calculate my foreign investment fund income


You can calculate your foreign investment fund online before disclosing it to us.

Our online tool uses the main calculation methods.

Decide if this calculator is for you

This calculator is commonly for New Zealand tax residents who have foreign investments where the purchase price is over NZ$50,000.

You can calculate using the FDR method or the CV method when you are not FDR eligible.

The cost method may be used if you cannot determine a market value of your investment but have obtained an independent valuation.

Use our online form

What happens next

After completing the form, print a copy of the disclosure, sign it and retain with your tax records.

If you use the cost method to calculate your income or loss, you can disclose online or use our IR449 paper form.

Interest in a foreign investment fund disclosure schedule (cost method) IR449 (PDF 114KB) Download form