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All Māori authorities must complete and file a credit account return at the end of each tax year.

If you file online through myIR, this will be included as part of your IR8 income tax return.

If you file paper returns, you can include it as part of your IR8 income tax return, or you can file a separate Māori authority credit account return (IR8J).

If you want to do this as part of your income tax return, just use the IR8 form.
If you want to do it separately, use the IR8J form as well, following the process below.

Gather your information

You will need:

  • the Māori authority name, contact details and IRD number
  • opening balance at 1 April
  • credits details
  • debits details.

Complete the Maori authority credit account return form

Print and sign the completed form, and attach it to your IR8

Send the completed forms to us

Inland Revenue
PO Box 39010
Wellington Mail Centre
Lower Hutt 5045