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Te kōnae tiwhikete kaiponu RWT, NRWT - IR15, IR67 rānei File a RWT or NRWT withholding certificate - IR15 or IR67


New investment income reporting requirements will become compulsory on 1 April 2020. Until then you can opt in to the new requirements, or keep following the existing requirements.

This page describes the existing requirements.

RWT and NRWT certificate filing options

You can file your end-of-year RWT withholding certificate IR15 and New Zealand NRWT withholding certificate IR67 electronically, or print them off and send them to us.

The due date for RWT and NRWT certificates is 15 May.

RWT and NRWT certificate filing specification

We can only accept NRWT and RWT certificates that are formatted according to these specifications.

You can also file your IR15 or IR67 by email, through the mail using CD, DVD or USB, or on paper.

For email filing RWT and NRWT certificates cover sheet (PDF 55KB) Download form



RWT withholding certificate IR15 (PDF 92KB) Download form New Zealand NRWT withholding certificate IR67 (PDF 137KB) Download form